“With what a glory comes and goes the year!” opens TO AUTUMN, a famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

It may be true that each season has its own glorybut Autumn is by far my favourite. I’ll even admit that I’m happy to leave the heavy work of summer behind as fall approaches, and look forward to the unique events of September.

It continues: “And with a sober gladness the old year takes up His bright inheritance of golden fruits….”

Too true!  For example, here at the winery, we have started to pick the fall strawberries (red, not golden).  This is a very good thing, cause our Bumbleberry Fruit Wine (did you know it contains strawberries?) flew off the shelves at the farmers markets this summer, and a new batch will soon be in the tank.  Thank you to everyone who shopped our booth at our many seasonal markets this summer (and are still shopping them).  It’s always great to meet many first-time customers, and catch up with many long-timers.  Although one or two markets have already ended, most are still operating until the end of September, and a few right through to the Thanksgiving weekend.  Please check our website for all the details:here.  And please keep your fingers crossed for late frost for our strawberries’ sake.

Secondly, we have begun fall winemaking with Raspberry Dessert Wine in the beginning stages.  For those of you who have never tried this luscious dessert wine, you are missing quite a treat.  Our Raspberry Summer Swirl ice cream dessert is a popular favourite, and our Raspberry Crantinis are not to be missed.  Our customers tell us that Raspberry Lemonade has been popular on their patios this summer, and if you love chocolate, you’ll find Raspberry Dessert a great pairing.  All recipes at the website… give some a try soon!

Thirdly, our many fall events are beginning with the Brooks Bottle & Barrel Sampling Event, taking place at the Heritage Inn, Brooks. on Friday, September 16 from 4:30 to 9.   150 wines and spirits will be represented, giving all attendees a great variety to sample during the evening.  Information can be found on Facebook : here.   Don’t miss it!

We’re also happy to be a part of Central Alberta Co-Op’s Eighth Annual Wine & Spirits Festival, taking place in Red Deer on September 30th.   The event will be held at Westerner Park, Red Deer, between the hours of 5pm – 9pm. For information regarding tickets, visit their Facebook page:  here.   Many fine exhibitors promise this evening to be a fun one.  See you there!

And if you don’t live in the Red Deer area, no worries!  Field Stone has continued to  expand into several parts of Alberta this summer, and we are now available at wine stores in over 50 towns and cities in the province.   Our farm fresh fruit wines are now easier to find than ever before, and we are proud to be associated with the owners and managers of these fine retailers.  For our ever-lengthening list, please visit  our Find-Us webpage:  here.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a store near you.  And thank you for helping us help support these great businesses who have climbed on board with us.

Finally, the winery is now closed for regular hours.  A big thanks to everyone who came out this summer and everyone who stopped in while on vacation, or brought their out-of-town visitors, or their group (think “biking club”).  A special thanks to all who attended “Open Farm Days.”  Some days our parking lot witnessed only RV’s and other days only bicycles.  Some days it was motorcycles.  We enjoyed having you all!  Stay tuned for the winner of our winery draw – to be announced in next month’s newsletter.

Please remember that in the non-summer months, the winery is always open by appointment.  Just call us at (403) 934-2749 letting us know when you’d like to visit.

It’s a rather short and sweet newsletter this month, but I just can’t close without leaving you with at least one recipe.  Because the  summer weather has continued into September, we have been enjoying our sangrias on this month too.  Here’s my favourite.  If you haven’t tried it this summer, there’s still time!

Black Currant San-kir-a
1 bottle Black Currant Fruit Wine
½ cup Black Currant Dessert Wine
1 cup fresh peaches, sliced
1 cup blackberries
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 ½ cups club soda
1 cup orange juice
2 shots Grand Marnier
Mix together and chill. Add club soda just before serving.

And one more before all the summer berries have disappeared from the markets:

Raspberry Wine Spritzer
¼ cup mixed berries
Juice of ½ lime
4 mint leaves, torn
4 ounces Raspberry Fruit Wine
4 ounces Club Soda
Place berries,  lime juice and mint leaves in a small bowl or glass.  Muddle everything by pressing down a few times, making sure the juices from the fruit are released.  Add wine and soda and mix well.  Can serve over ice if preferred.

And that’s all for this month.  Happy September, everyone!


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