A new twist on an old Caribbean favourite…

1 cup simple syrup (3/4 cup sugar + 3/4 cup water, heated to dissolve)

1/2 cup torn basil leaves (if this scares you too much, stick to mint leaves, but increase the number to 30)

1 cup key lime juice

2 cups white rum

1/2 cup Raspberry Dessert Wine

1 litre club soda

Fresh raspberries and lime slices to garnish

Pour the cooled simple syrup in a large pitcher and add the torn leaves and a handful of raspberries. Use a large spoon to muddle the leaves so they release their flavour.

Add the lime juice, rum and dessert wine. Stir.  Add the club soda, stir, and top with ice.  Garnish each glass with fresh berries and lime slices.



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