As our forefathers used to say, “A calm June puts the farmer in tune.”

They may well have been referring to the weather, but if they were referring to activity, then my, how things have changed!  Here at our farm, June is anything but calm.  In fact, it’s closer to crazy.  But the craziness has certainly left these farmers in great shape – for all our general field work is well underway.  Next up?  We’ll calmly move into market season!

We’re always excited about re-connecting with our many market customers around the province.  Some have already begun, and some are yet to open.  By the third week of June, however, we will be in full swing!

This year, you will find us at the following outdoor markets.

  • Airdrie Farmers Market – Wednesdays
  • Strathmore Farmers Market – Fridays
  • Albert Farmers Market – Saturdays
  • Millarville Farmers Market – Saturdays   
  • Drumheller Farmers Market – Saturdays 
  • The Market at Red Deer – Saturdays
  • Edmonton Callingwood Farmers Market – Sundays

Please note that a few locations will be selected dates only, and some will have us putting in an appearance every week, so be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for weekly details.  In addition, we may be ‘dropping in’ to the odd market around the province occasionally throughout the summer months, which will also be highlighted on our social media pages.

More than ever before, our market managers are putting together a wonderful array of Alberta vendors and Alberta products.  Their outstanding job means that you can shop with confidence and not miss out on any great products that Albertans have to offer.  If you love Alberta products – growers, farmers, makers, bakers, artists – we hope you’ll visit.  There are lots of great new things to be discovered this summer, so come on out and #supportlocal.

In these times of rising costs and vast imported goods, supporting local has never been more important.   It is only because of your continued support that farmers, processors  and creators of all kind can continue to exist and flourish in Alberta.  A reminder that the vast majority of local products can be found YEAR-ROUND at our province’s indoor farmers markets.  We are proud to be offering our products every week of the year at the following locations:

Calgary Farmers Market South, Thursday to Sunday,  510 77 Ave SE.

Calgary Farmers Market Greenwich, Wednesday to Sunday, 25 Greenbriar Dr. NW.

Crossroads Farmers Market, Friday to Sunday, 1235 26 Avenue SE, Calgary.

Bountiful Farmers Market, Friday to Sunday, 3696 97 Street NW, Edmonton.

Gasoline Alley Market, Friday to Sunday, 558 Laura Ave, Red Deer County.


If you haven’t visitd as of yet, be sure and check us out this summer.  You will be amazed at what Alberta has to offer!

And a reminder that the Winery is now open on Saturdays, 11am to 5pm until the end of August, and we are open any other day by appointment.  Please drop us an email to or leave a message at 403 934-2749 if you’d like to visit. If you love a drive in the country, be sure and head east on Highway #1 to Strathmore, then 10km south on Highway 817.  We’d love to see you this season.

And now to another great event in June – Father’s Day!

Do you have something planned for Dad on Father’s Day Sunday?  A Patio-Time visit perhaps? Regardless of how you celebrate, we’ve got you covered for the perfect gift. Come visit us at any of the markets or your local liquor store to pick up a delectable summer accompaniment to Father’s Day celebrations, especially those that will take place in a patio chair.  From off-dry to sweet, we have something Dad will love.

And on Father’s Day weekend you can purchase a Saskatoon Berry Dessert Wine for 10% off at either location of Calgary Farmers’ Market, Crossroads Market Calgary, Bountiful Farmers Market Edmonton, or at the winery.  Fortified, flavourful and smooth, it’s the perfect after-dinner drink for the world’s greatest father.  He’ll love it.

So, that’s what WE’RE doing this month.  What about you’all?  If you haven’t already made some plans, here’s three suggestions for celebrating the first official month of summer:

Pencil in some patio time.   The four signs of summer:  pulling up a lawn chair, pulling out a favourite book, un-corking a fruit wine and enjoying the sunshine.  It’s so simple!

Visit a market.  In addition to the outdoor market activities, indoor ones are gearing up for summer as well.  The produce is looking different, the flowers and plants are more beautiful than ever, the customers have changed into warm weather flip-flops.  Lots of great products, and some great wine to be picked up at the Field Stone booth!

Serve some Sangria.  Looking to celebrate the end of winter?  Think about plunging into summer with both feet and serving up some sangria.  Do you have tons of rhubarb this month?  How about this one?


Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria

¼ cup sugar

½ cup water

2 rhubarb stalks, chopped

½ cup orange juice

1 orange, sliced

1 pint strawberries, quartered

4 cups chilled seltzer

1 bottle Strawberry-Rhubarb Fruit Wine


In small pan, combine sugar & water, bring to a boil and add rhubarb.  Set aside and let cool.  Combine all other ingredients, then add rhubarb mixture.  Serve over ice.

It’s so yummy, and so easy.

And that’s it for this month.

Happy June, everyone!  Let the Summer Sipping begin.




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